"Best Show Ever" (Commercial)
Netflix's "Explained"
Acting Reel
"Best Show Ever" (Commercial)
"Best Show Ever" (Commercial)
"Be Yourself" (Sketch)
"Teach: Literature" (Sketch)

With Reggie Watts.

"Teach: Extra Credit" (Sketch)

More with Reggie.

Netflix's "Explained"
Netflix's "Explained"

Check out the episode on “The Female Orgasm” on Netflix.

Clorox (Commercial)
Harper Teen (Commercial)

Endgame is real. Endgame is now. Endgame has begun.

Ari and Emma: "When Harry Met Sally Outtakes" (Sketch)
"Ms. Frizzle and Her Magic School Bus Face Budget Restrictions" (Sketch)
"Lisa Frank: The End of the 90's" (Sketch)
"Made-Up Disease" (Sketch Monologue)

Wrote and directed this one for Political Subversities.

Hack My Life: Season 3 (TV)

How to get rid of a hangover. Life hacks.

Ari and Emma: "Say Yes to Your Dress" (Sketch)
Ari and Emma: "Hold For Murder" (Sketch)
The Ultimate Song About Napping (Sketch)

Music video with Reggie Watts.

Ari and Emma Get Young (Sketch)
This is Why You Love To Hate Santa Con | DUBSTEP (Sketch)
Political Wife (Sketch)

With Political Subversities.

If Only the Pope Had Two Mommies Like Me (Monologue)
"Hillary Hymn" (Sketch Monologue)
Voiceover Reel